The union between OMNIA PACKAGING and FRIENDLIER was forged following their mutual receipt of Government of Canada funding, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), in February 2023. Inspired by a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, the two organizations embarked on a journey of collaboration and innovation.


OMNIA PACKAGING , leveraging half a century of expertise in INJECTION PLASTIC MOLDING is your ideal partner for reusable and recyclable plastic solutions for food and beverage industry.

Grand Opening

Today, Omnia Packaging Inc. celebrated the grand opening of its production facility in Guelph, Ontario. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the Honorable Minister Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario); Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph; Mike Schreiner, Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph; along with Andrea Ferrari, the Ambassador of Italy in Canada; Consul General Luca Zelioli, Consulate General of Italy in Toronto and other representatives from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario and Italian Trade Commission.


“This event has been organized to express our appreciation for the professional support and ongoing cooperation the Canadian Government and the Italian Institutions provide to our company,” shared Paolo Sunino, CEO and Owner of Omnia Packaging. “We are committed to leading the way in innovative, sustainable food packaging with a commitment to producing exclusively recyclable plastic and paper food packaging, helping to increase recycling rates across Canada by 2025.”


“Congratulations to Omnia Packaging, an Italian family-owned business!” said the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister Responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

“This beautiful new facility showcases your dedication and passion in positioning Canada for a greener tomorrow. Our government is committed to investing in the potential of hard-working businesses, like Omnia Packaging, that are working towards a strong, clean economic future for southern Ontario and all of Canada.”


In February 2023, the Government of Canada announced over $3.7 million in support to help Omnia Packaging purchase new equipment to produce unique, Canadian-made, 100 percent compostable and recyclable paper trays and 100 percent recyclable plastic trays for the food packaging industry.
Omnia Packaging has now opened it’s new facility in Guelph, Ontario – marking a significant milestone for Gruppo Sunino Italy (Sunino Group), in North America. The Sunino Group, is an Italian family-owned business that has been providing innovative sustainable packaging for multiple generations across three continents. The Group brings half a century of expertise in injection molded plastic products – a production process that incorporates modern, sustainable solutions for: food, sport accessories, promotional and toys.


In Canada, the Sunino Group through Omnia Packaging provides innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions in plastic and paper.
The paper division produces glue-free paper trays that can replace top-sealed Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) trays, without changing existing equipment. These recyclable trays can be used for fruit and vegetable produce such as strawberries, blueberries, snack tomatoes, mini cucumbers, mushrooms and more.


The Plastic Division provides plastic tubs for dairy, confectionery producers, and co-packers. The tubs feature lightweight walls, are all top-sealable, and are made from mono-material Polypropylene (PP), which is recognized as the purest and most recyclable polymer in the industry.

Omnia Packaging’s local investment in the latest automations for injected plastic and paper glue-free trays is dedicated to advancing sustainable packaging practices and championing a plastic-free waste future in Canada.


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Monica Viazzo
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Omnia Packaging

Edward Hutchinson
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

The government of Canada is investing $8.2 million in three innovative food packaging companies intended to reduce plastic waste by scaling up and creating 120 new jobs

Omnia Packaging is proud to announce that on February 28 th , the company was identified as one of three recipients of an $8.2-million Government of Canada investment, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), aimed at advancing sustainable packaging practices and promoting a zero plastic waste future in Canada. This funding was announced by the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for FedDev Ontario, along with Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph.

With this investment, Omnia Packaging will receive over $3.7 million to develop and expand its green, Canadian-made packaging solutions and products while creating over 50 job opportunities in southern Ontario.
The company is excited to leverage this funding to advance its efforts towards sustainable packaging practices and to contribute to a cleaner, greener future for Canada.

We are participating in COIL ACTIVATE PROGRAM

We are proud to announce that OMNIA PACKAGING INC. has been accepted in the COIL ACTIVATE PROGRAM

The COIL Activate Circular Accelerator Program , the largest in Canada, helps to fuel circular innovation across Southern Ontario

Our brand new industrial productive plant in Guelph is proposing innovative sustainable packaging in Paper and Plastic.

We are excited to be part of Innovation Guelph Community and to contribute to growing a circular mindset in business practices


Omnia Packaging Inc. introduces Mustang Paper Trays; proprietary packaging solutions developed through Mustang Machine Technology, to which the company has exclusive rights for production and distribution in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.


A couple of noteworthy details about Mustang packaging. Mustang Paper Trays are 100% recyclable and free of glue. The product is made from FSC certified paper; meaning that all raw materials come from companies that source their goods from responsibly managed forests that foster environmental, social and economic benefits. Mustang Paper Trays continuously undergo optimization of research and development to ensure the product is at the forefront of sustainability practices. All colouring used to print our packaging solutions is free of mineral oil derivatives. Furthermore, Mustang Paper Trays are 100% free of glue as packaging is set in place through proprietary thermo forming technology. By converting to Mustang Paper Trays by Omnia Packaging Inc. companies stand to lower their carbon footprint on the environment along with the following gains


Packaging solutions entirely made of virgin paper with transparent, heat-sealable flat edges
that are suitable for thermo-sealing closure. As well, the company offers PET film along with
100% cellulose home compostable and printable films. Mustang Paper Trays are best suited for
fresh produce such as cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, berries, mushrooms, grapes to
name a few. Packaging variations include available European sizes as well as 1 pound and 1
dry pint.

Product Features



Sustainability has been a priority for every business for the past decade. With an unprecedented bourden on the global manufacturing and supply chain, it has become even more paramount to deliver a functional product that is sustainable as well as cost effective.

Omnia Packaging Inc. bridges that gap by offering sustainable, highly performing packaging solutions in paper & plastic through its brands MUSTANG by Omnia Plastic & Omnia Plastic.

About the Parent Company – The Sunino Group

The Sunino Group was founded in 1950 and it specialises in turnkey packaging solutions. Today, the company boasts production plants throughout Eastern Europe & Asia and owns six subsidiary businesses that handle the lion share of the packaging sector in their

respective markets. Said subsidiaries are Plastic Legno S.p.A., Dream Plast, Plastic Technology, Belgrad Rackpart, Omnia Technologies, Omnia Plast & Omnia Packaging Inc.

Throughout the many decades of activity in the sector, the Sunino Group has seen the rapid growth of the packaging sector fuelled by plastic’s ability to cost-effectively protect and preserve products as well as its subsequent decline brought forth by dwindling resources and an increasing need for sustainable products. The longevity in the market space enabled The Sunino Group to recognise the scale of the challenge and shift production processes to address evolving market needs. To date the company has significantly ramped up the use of recycled materials, increased usage of green products throughout its production process, implemented chemical recycling technologies and developed a closed loop system that closely monitors traceability and allows for a reduced transportation carbon footprint. 

The know-how acquired by the Sunino Group almost a century ago, translates into know-how of its Canadian Subsidiary, Omnia Packaging Inc. The company has in fact opened a 20,000 sq/ft industrial plant in Guelph, ON, Canada where they will manufacture sustainable packaging solutions in paper as well as plastic for the North American Market. The Canadian production plant is poised to follow in the footsteps of its Italian counterpart and cement its manufacturing processes in ethical & sustainable practices.

Omnia Packaging is a one-stop solutions provider for innovative and sustainable food packaging in Canada. The company is the Canadian subsidiary of Sunino Group, a well-established, family-owned business based in Castellamonte (province of Turin), Italy that has been providing packaging solutions spanning many generations. By leveraging the experience and expertise of Gruppo Sunino – which extends to several markets worldwide and counts a half-century of production – Omnia Packaging is well poised to expertly serve the North American market packaging sector.


Let’s connect at 28020 and 28018 Containers and Materials Pavilion.


Omnia Packaging Inc., a leading manufacturer of paper & plastic packaging solutions, announces participation in PACK EXPO International in Chicago, Illinois (October 23-26, 2022).


PACK EXPO International is North America’s most teeming trade show for innovative packaging technology & processing solutions and Omnia Packaging Inc. will be present with its own booth in the West Building — W-28018. Monica Viazzo, the Business Development, Sales & Marketing Manager for Omnia Packaging Inc leads the company’s participation in the trade show as well as the North American market penetration.



Omnia Packaging Inc. intends to introduce the company’s award-winning packaging solutions, Omnia Plastic, along with its turnkey sustainable packaging system, MUSTANG by Omnia Packaging. Through Omnia Plastic the company will showcase its injection plastic packaging and plastic packaging along with a potential line of custom products dedicated to dairy, confectionery, toys, gifting and other tough-to-handle goods. As well, Omnia Packaging Inc. will present customers, buyers and visitors MUSTANG by Omnia packaging, a state-of-the-art sustainable packaging system that thermo-form die cut virgin paper sheets without the use of additional glue presenting with flat edges to accommodate

thermo-sealing closure. Technology to which the company has exclusivity for production and distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Omnia Packaging Inc. places sustainability at the heart of the business. In Europe the company’s Italian subsidiary, the Sunino Group has obtained the ISCC Plus Certificate for recycled content, the same certification & production standards will apply to the North American production plant.